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Achieve your highest potential

Willow Recovery House opened in Asheville, North Carolina, in November 2014. This recovery home serves to fill the growing need for a safe, supportive and sober living environment for young men actively seeking addiction recovery. The concept developed from the personal experience of its founder Chris McLeod.

While seeking places to live following a stint in rehab, Chris realized that in order to move on and grow in his recovery, he didn't need more barriers. What he really needed was a recovery house that encouraged personal growth and professional success. He needed someone to be there for him when he needed support and someone to encourage him as he took steps toward starting a life in recovery.

Call to Service

Willow Recovery House is Chris' response to a call to service that everyone actively participating in a recovery program is called to do. As a recovering addict, Chris knows what works and what doesn't. He and his experienced staff of fellow recovering men know that in order to succeed, newly sober young men need:

  • Order
  • Camaraderie
  • Concrete support
  • Stability
  • Meaningful work
  • Challenging activities
  • Laughter


Michael (Chris) McLeod- Founder and Admissions Director 

It's a Mission

Without fun and fellowship, addiction recovery can be grudgingly painful for young men trying to reintegrate into a society that focuses on instant gratification. Without the support of a caring and understanding network of like-minded people, long-term recovery can be elusive. Without a clear purpose and concentrated focus on success, living "happy, joyous and free" is just a pile of meaningless words.

The mission of Willow Recovery House is:

To create an environment that welcomes
the vitality and energy that young men bring to addiction recovery.
To provide a supportive network
that embraces that energy and directs it
toward a positive path.

You Can See Clearly Now

At Willow Recovery House, we have a vision to help residents not just live, but flourish in their new lives. We are determined to develop a team of healthy, strong, clean men who, in turn, share their recovery with the newcomer looking for positive examples of living clean. It's a group effort, and the community makes all the difference.

We believe that  our recovery house doesn't have to be dull or boring. When you live the experience among others who have successful, meaningful lives, you'll find inspiration and support. We believe that through commitment and a steadfast mandate that supports success, any young man with the desire to stay clean and mature into a productive member of society can achieve his highest potential.

Willow Recovery House enables each resident to do just that: achieve your highest potential. There is no higher or finer purpose than that.

Talk to Us

If you can relate, we want to talk with you. Willow Recovery House is open and ready to welcome young men between the ages of 18 and 30 who think like we do and want to join us in an exciting journey toward health and a newfound appreciation for life and all its possibilities.