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What is included in your stay?
Our guests have a furnished room, planned activities and daily guidance.

Is Willow Recovery House a treatment program?
No. Willow Recovery House is what recovery programs call a "sober living house." It's a place to live that is half way between a rehab facility and total independent living. While referrals to counsellors are available through the staff, no professional counselling takes place in the house.

Why do I have to attend 12-step meetings?
Willow Recovery House follows a 12-step-based recovery program. We have found that it helps everyone when all residents are on the same page about their recovery, what it takes to stay clean and sober and where they choose to find recovery guidance.

What if I don't want to go to meetings?
We are happy to give you references for other living arrangements. We are dedicated to providing an environment where all residents are like-minded and want to follow a similar path to recovery.

How can I get into Willow Recovery House?
You may find us through a professional referral from a treatment facility, through a friend in recovery or from an addictions counselor. You can call us directly for a tour at 828-458-0245. You can move in after you've undergone an interview with our staff and agreed to the conditions of the house.

What if I need a place to detox?
Once you've paid a deposit, we will hold your spot until you have undergone professional, medically supervised detox at a detox center or hospital. You must be free of drugs to move into Willow Recovery House.

What role does Willow House play in treatment?
Willow Recovery House serves as a temporary recovery home between an inpatient treatment facility and your apartment or family home. The  house and its programs are designed to supplement a formal treatment program while introducing and strengthening a lifelong recovery process. Willow Recovery House gives you less supervision than you had in treatment, but more structure and support from your peers than you'd get in your own house.

What advantages does Willow Recovery House have over other living options?
You will live with a group of men your own age with similar backgrounds. The team at Willow House offers plans for work, school, support meetings and outside activities. You'll have fun while getting your life together. The road to a clean, free and happy life starts with structure and a joyful community.

Are there any guarantees my son will stay clean?
No. Young men who enter Willow Recovery House are responsible for their own recovery. If they follow the rules, participate in the program and listen to the guidance they'll receive, their odds of staying clean improve greatly, but there never are guarantees. The disease of addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful.

Why is a recovery house needed if staying clean is so personal?
Living in an unhealthy environment filled with other using addicts or alcoholics is dangerous for people new in recovery. Temptations are powerful and until a recovering addict has a firm foundation, he is much less likely to use drugs if they're not available where he lives. A recovering, supportive environment is ideal if you don't have a safe place to live. Willow House also offers role models for successful recovery not readily found elsewhere.

Can I live at Willow Recovery House if I've had a relapse?
Yes, as long as you are clean now and committed to staying clean. Recovery is a process and many successful recovering addicts have had numerous setbacks. We support addicts who admit they have a problem and are ready to take the necessary steps to get better. We reserve the right, however, to discharge anyone who blatantly breaks our rules.

How long will I have to live at Willow House?
The ultimate goal of recovery and for the staff at Willow Recovery House is to return each addict to a productive, fulfilling life. The process — and time it takes to get back on your feet, confident in your abilities to be successful — varies greatly among individuals. At Willow Recovery House, you can stay as long as you need. We support your personal journey.