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At Willow Recovery House, we rely on the guidelines presented by the National Institute on Chemical Dependency to create an atmosphere of recovery that is supported by the rules and codes for ethical and fair behavior. Flexibility guides our processes and decisions, but certain regulations  are non-negotiable.

Program Requirements

  • Attend 12-step meetings
  • Attend  addiction recovery house meetings
  • Follow program restrictions
  • Be open and honest about program progress
  • Get a sponsor
  • Work the 12 steps
  • Find work within a specified period of time
  • Must attend group therapy at the house on phase 1-2

Reasons for Immediate Discharge

  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Possessing drugs or alcohol
  • Making threats of verbal or physical violence
  • Committing acts of violence
  • Possessing weapons
  • Destroying property
  • Failing to comply with drug test requests
  • Stealing
  • Failing to comply with house rules

Phases of Willow Recovery House Program

Living at Willow Recovery House comes with a fairly strict set of requirements that you agree to follow when you move in. Your comings and goings will be monitored according to your progress and your clean time.

  • Phase I: When you're fresh out of rehab, you may have very little contact with and knowledge of the 12 steps and the addiction recovery process. Your time is restricted and meeting attendance monitored with signature sheets. You receive significant assistance in finding a sponsor to begin the wonderful journey of recovery. This is a difficult time, but you receive a lot of support. Must attend house therapy on the weekends.
  • Phase II: Your time continues to be monitored in Phase II, but curfew times and other privileges at our halfway house may be extended. By this time, you have a sponsor and are actively working a 12-step program. You receive as much or as little help as you need during this time to find a job, get into the educational program of your choice, secure transportation and begin to live a full life in recovery. Must attend house therapy on the weekends
  • Phase III: Once you transition into Phase III, you are fully integrated into the local recovering community. You typically have completed 90 meetings in 90 days. Many restrictions are lifted since you are expected to be participating fully in your recovery as well as sharing your experience with newer members who have joined Willow recovery House.
  • Phase IV: As a senior member of the Willow Recovery House community, you have little supervision over your movements other than those imposed on you by your sponsor and your network of recovering addicts. You are expected to provide an exemplary example to your housemates and continue to attend meetings, work on your steps with a sponsor and begin to participate in service to the recovering community that you've joined.

Together we will grow and build a trusting, caring community of men who enjoy life to the fullest and share our joys and heartaches together. There is no time limit on your stay at Willow Recovery House. We will support your decision to leave when you are ready, just as we welcome you to stay as long as you want.